Fresh and frozen food

NordeFood frozen food and food products

Welcome to NordeFood !

NordeFood offers wide range fresh and frozen food and food products over the world. Our strong fields are: meat, dairy, vegetables and vegetarian, fish and seafood.

The team of NordeFood has a long time experience in purchasing and trading, we have good and extensive clientele, suppliers and a producer’s network all over Europe and in the third countries.

We search for the products and offer the best price and quality solution; we follow the quality and organize all logistics, based on clients’ needs.

We stand by the quality and service.

Relying on our experience in our daily work we consider speed, flexibility and satisfaction of our clients to be the most important things.

Our office is located in Tallinn and we have warehouses for fresh and frozen products in Tallinn (Estonia) and Helsinki (Finland)

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