Vegetables and vegetarian options

Our Vege product range consist mainly Sous Vide pre-cooked products where all vitamins and minerals are kept in the product turning the cooking process.

As the products are already pre-cooked it`s easy to handle in further processing.

Our products are produced in one of the oldest Estonian vegetable farm and handling company; we are their export office and represent them in international markets.

We also have good co-operation partner in Poland who process’s onions.

Environment friendly farming vegetables

Environment friendly farming vegetables that are diligently picked and cooked in Sous vide vacuum. Different shapes and sizes.

It`s possible also tailor made production with client requirements.

  • Cooked Potatoes, whole, slices, cubes, strips
  • Cooked Beet root, whole, slices, cubes, strips
  • Cooked Carrots, whole, slices, cubes, strips
  • Cooked Turnip, whole, slices, cubes, strips

Vegetarian options

We have worked out with our Estonian vegetables handling factory a method for Sous vide vacuum cooking for Black turtle beans and Chickpeas that is the main nutritious raw material for vegetarian food.

We make the peas in environment friendly way to have as little waists as possible.

We have industrial backing, HoReCa backing and Retail backing.

NordeFood- plant based products

Our range of handmade soy-free and gluten-free Vege products includes five different options:  

Chickpea-Carrot Steak’s 40g, Chickpea-Cabbage Steak’s 40g, Bean Beetroot Steak’s 40g, Beetroot Roll’s 15g and Falafel’s. 15g.