Schnitzels, ready meals

We have  assortment with very good quality “home made” look half ready made products for quick and easy preparation. We represent one of the biggest convenience food producing factory from Germany in Baltics states, Finland, Sweden.

  • Different schnitzels from pork, chicken, turkey, veal
  • Minced meat products
  • Rustic and hearty (pork haxer, pork ribs, chicken wings, etc.)
  • Vital and tasty (filled paprika, filled eggplant, etc.)
  • Frozen ready meals

Sous-vide products

We have seen that quick work is crucial in daily kitchen life. Its need high-quality raw materials, from which it would be quick and easy to prepare various dishes. To meet this, we have developed various sous-vide pre-cooked products, our range includes: 

  • Sous- vide cooked pork, loins, steaks, cubes, stripes, pulled pork
  • Sous- vide cooked beef, loins, steaks, cubes, stripes, pulled beef
  • Sous- vide cooked wild game meat, loins, steaks, cubes, stripes,

 We also make products according to the customer’s wishes and recipes

Pork and Beef, Poultry, Lamb, mutton

We have wide assortment from all meat types, from different producers all over Europe and other countries.

We could offer all basic cuts, as well make products according the costumer wishes, cut stakes, cubes, stripes, make minced meat, burgers, meatballs, skav and etc.