Ecological grass fed-beef meat and meat products

The livestock comes from Estonian Ecological grass-fed beef farmers association. To this association belongs over 50 farmers,  the farms are organic and the animals are fed only on grass. The association has created the state certified grass-fed beef quality scheme.

The grasslands of Estonia are amongst the richest natural grasslands in the world. All animals that are raised according to scheme are living in their natural environment, grazing on pastures in summer and feeding on hay in the winter time.

Besides the fact that the animals are stress free and happy, this way of managing the grasslands is also good for the environment. The meat from organic grass-fed beef is  tasty, its also very nutritious and rich in healthy fats and vitamins.

Our aim is to offer better quality grass fed beef  than South-American beef with less “footprint” as do not need to bring it from so far distance.

We are official sales partner for Scandinavian market for Liiwimaa Lihasaaduste Wabrik

We are building up the strong brand for the Estonian grass fed quality beef “Nordic Beef”.

Our strongest arguments are:  Good quality meat, Ecological, Healthy, Sustainability, Less footprint, Story,  Marketing support.


  • Slaughtering partner: Atria Eesti AS
  • Deboning and packing: Linnamäe Lihatööstus AS
  • Current deboning capacity: 50 000kg per month
  • Estimate capacity in 2 years: 100 000kg per month
  • New cutting plant/butchery: are opened on autumn 2021.


  • Anatomical cuts, Stripes, Cubes, Steaks, vacuum and skinpack
  • Mincemeat, Meatballs, Burgers, 400g to 1000g bag
  • Sous-vide cooked, Smoked hams, 400g to 1000g bag
  • Dry aged- coming spring 2022